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John showed musical talent from a very young age.  He first learnt to play the piano, and later the organ and bassoon.  He has worked as a church organist in various churches since he was 14.

John went on to study music at university and continued on to complete a masters degree focussing on performance and composition.  Whilst at university, John performed in a number of groups including large choirs and orchestras, chamber choirs, small ensembles and a Baroque group.  He studied conducting as part of his degree and also conducted the student orchestra.

Since leaving university, John has conducted several local choirs, including the Allen Singers and the West Moors Singers.  He was appointed as conductor of the Dorset Chamber Choir in February 2017.  He enjoys learning and conducting a wide range of music and will often create his own arrangements of pieces, particularly folk songs.

John also plays bassoon with the Dorset Chamber Orchestra, and occasionally with other local groups.  He regularly plays the organ for church services, weddings and funerals.

When not performing, John runs his own business tuning pianos and repairing keyboard and woodwind instruments.  He also enjoys spending time with his wife and two young children.




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